Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More Girls, More Glitter

More Girls, More Glitter.

(Dear Fabricland please open a 24 hours location, because inevitably its 2 am when i realize i’ve run out of tulle)

   My Husband’s family makes girls, which is perfect because i like to make things for girls. Anything with tulle, ribbon, bows or glitter! Or as my nieces would say; things that are “Fancy”, which is something i apparently say around them an awful lot. Yet I only had to say “boobies’ that one time for it to catch on...

   This Christmas I did what all creatively inclined people with no time do; i decided to make all of my nieces their Christmas gifts. “All” at that time meant five of them. Baby number six wasn’t due until after Christmas.

After seeing the Tutu a friend had purchased, I examined its parts and proclaimed that I would “make my own”, and then added “And ballet slippers too!  BALLETT SLIPPERS FOR ALL, AND TO ALL A GOODNIGHT!”  At this point i may or may not have been standing, with my arms outstretched, spinning, as a camera shot the scene from above, whilst the cast of A Christmas Carol gathered round singing the praises of this stroke of Christmas brilliance... Pseudo musicals have a way of making the ridiculous seem plausible. So does too much egg nog.

Without any tulle skills of my own or any insight as to how a ballet slipper might be made and in lieu of a grandmotherly type with said skills I, like most, took to Youtube.

You may have a tutu sage in your life, but if you don’t here is a helpful video. It’s not mine, I don’t have one. I had a “Muppets Christmas Carol”  sized fantasy of making my own “how too video” but when I found myself still cutting threads off little slippers just 20 minutes before our families Christmas party, i decided that the video could be outsourced.

As for the slipper tutorial...

I spent days, searching for a instructions and patterns, i tried numerous bad ones, and then eventually made my own. This worked shockingly well considering my average sewing skills and complete indifference thus far toward cobbling.  If you’d like these instructions I’ll send them to you, just leave a comment/request below.

Both projects are simply enough done when you have the right guidance, and you’ll likely save yourself money too. Though not time.  If you have to catch upon your favourite show, then this is the perfect way to justify it. With ribbon pinned to one leg and tulle tucked under the other you can Tutu yourself right through the last season of Grey’s.

All my fears about whether the slippers would fit, or if the girls would like their gifts, or if it had all been worth it, melted away as they excitedly laced up their slippers and twirled around the room in their Tutus.

Gracie made sure to let the little ones know how best to twirl, as only the eldest cousin can. Chloe was topless of course. Adi quickly removed hers to package it up carefully in the exact box it came in, for careful storage in a designated place in her room.  And Madi, just a few weeks old, slept soundly with her pink tulle tucked gently round her belly.  Absolutely priceless.

Below are a few shots of the pieces in progress, and a few of Madi during her first shoot with me, and a couple of Gracie in the basement which she has recently claimed as her Ballet Studio. She has plans for an upcoming show, for which she will charge admission.

In preparation for the show she is learning `her moves` from Youtube.

Dedicated my sixth niece Eliana joy.

Welcome to this fancy world.

Love aunt anni xox

Ps IOU a tutu.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

“I can turn that into a fundraiser”

 Somewhere, not too deep in my mind, I fear my friends and family will stop coming to my house for fear that it will cost them.  I have been known to say “I could turn that into a fundraiser.”
I’ve done it to movie nights and dinners, and plan to do it to kids photography, laundry day, and a simple trip to the mall (stay tuned).

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Creation Fest

This week’s photos are from Creation Fest North East. Which isn’t a hippy procreation festival like it sounds, but is actually five days of camping and concerts in the hills of Pennsylvania. This will be the second time we’ve taken the Harvest Youth on the 12 hour (one way) road trip. This year we managed to avoid all dehydration induced black outs, but weren’t so lucky when it came to making it all the way home without a tow truck.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Grey is the new Brown

My sister in law enlisted my help in a wardrobe overhaul, she wasn’t the first. I'm asked frequently by friends to “take me shopping and tell me what to buy”. I don’t know if it’s truly a compliment or a commentary on the amount of shopping I’m perceived to do, but I take the compliment, as I don’t actually do much shopping.
In fact I rarely shop, and I do it even less on purpose, a binge shop makes me nauseous ironically. It takes all the joy out of it. Finding clothing shouldn’t simply be for utilitarian purposes, but rather an exercise in self expression, and a little self indulgence.

The phrases “I’ve had this forever” and “thrift store’ are my most frequent answers to the questions “Is that new?” or “Where’d you get it?"

This vest for instance was bought 6 years ago (on sale of course) in ... London, i think. I loved it right away but until this week I hadn’t found a way to make it work. This season’s love for kitch, corals, and comfort have created the perfect backdrop for its debut. It’s made an appearance twice this week, it’s found a new place to hang at the front of the rack...also known as the Olyptical Trainer.

But it’s not all feathers and turquoise. The fore mentioned sister in-law, the one who needed the overhaul, truly was in need of help. She had developed an affinity toward brown. It wasn’t all her fault, we all went through an earthy phase around 2004. Her love of brown however had gone from a simple attraction to a full blown compulsion. The intervention was successful and last year we wrapped a five hour mall blitz with colours and textures her shelves had never seen, and not a stitch of brown made its way back into her closet.

Well Grey is the new Brown, and last week I discovered I had a problem. My love for the “Hoody” (or Bunny Hug if you’re from Saskatchewan) combined with my obsession with this seasons worn and faded greys, has made for a monochromatic assault on my own shelves. I found myself in a shop recently ogling just such a hoodie, as though i’d never layed eyes on one before. It was like it belonged with me, like it jumped off the rack and into my hand, begging to go home with me and join my colourless family of knits. I had to tell myself, out loud, “I don’t need another grey hoodie”.

I did leave it, but I wasn’t so strong a week ago when I found this one. To my credit it’s quite a dark shade of grey, actually quite black, which is something I don’t have at all. And after all “this hoodie would feed 100 children”.

To find out how you can Feed 100 with a hoodie click here

If clothing items were my diet, then it’s not entirely a well balanced one. Though I love shoes and fawning over gorgeous dresses, they would merely be dessert. I could survive entirely on white V-necks, plaid button ups, and grey hoodies. Ripped jeans, and vintage jewellery being my salt and pepper.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ice Cream Cup Cakes

Just like in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire, this faux ice cream cone won’t melt under studio lights, unlike the in FPB this cone isn’t made of mashed potatoes. There are a number of advantages to making an Ice cream cone out of cake and icing. The first being that if you hand your cone to a friend to hold while you go to the bathroom you won’t have to wonder whether or not they licked it all to stop it from dripping.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

And the Winner is....

Congratulations Jon Arnold!
Author of these 17 syllables:
Months of sand and salt -
Hearts weary of winter's drear
Washed by spring sunshine. 
You have won BPP's Spring Short Shoot Contest!
Contact Andrea to book your shoot.

Congratulations Liz Verheye!
Author of these 17 syllables:
I am a bad mom
My baby has no pictures
Please shoot some this spring

You have won Runner up and will receive 10% off your next shoot.
Contact Andrea to book your shoot.

Congratulations Paige Lubbelinkhof!
Author of these 17 syllables:
Splashing puddle boots
Toddlers muddy face and hands
Smiles ear to ear

You have won Runner up and will receive 10% off your next shoot.
Contact Andrea to book your shoot.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

BPP's first competition

Send your poems by commenting on this post.

All Haiku’s must be in by April 30th.
The winner will be announced May 1st.
For more information on Haiku’s visit WikiHow or EHow or GO TO THE LIBRARY!!